کمپین هموفیلیا تعطیل شده است و دیگر به‌روز نخواهد شد!

Homophilia Campaign is stopped & won’t be updated anymore!

Please visit other projects of JoopeA Foundation
به پروژه‌های دیگر بنیاد ژوپی‌آ هم سر بزنید

پست‌ها و ویدیوهای این کمپین برای همه در اینجا و یوتیوب باقی خواهد ماند
The content of the website here & videos in Youtube will remain intact for matter of archiving




  • Arash for Philia not Phobia Video

    به دیوار برلین و دیوارهای دیگه فکر بکنیم و اینکه این دیوارها خراب شدن و آدم‌ها موقعیت‌های بهتری پیدا کردن. we should think about the Berlin wall and other walls and that these walls have been destroyed and people have found themselves in a better situation. +

  • Elly van Den Haag Video

    عاشق دوستای گی‌ام هستم چون جرات می‌کنن خودشون باشن I love my gay friends because they are brave enough to be who they are. +

  • Hooman for Philia against Phobia Video

    تا هر چه بیشتر و هر چه زودتر به یک فرهنگ انسان‌مدارانه‌تر برسیم We strive for a culture based on human rights +


Homophilia campaign is a spontaneous and decentralized campaign has emerged on 17th May 2012 with the aim of free and equal life for each of human being. Homophilia campaign is following its purpose by recording the stories of people who has had the life experience of diversity and tolerance with another one despite all the inhibiting factors.
Every single human being needs to love and to be loved. Being different should not marginalize anyone, dignity and competence should be measure of humanity and the heart of each individual of the human community is the heart of existence.
We are going to share our pictures, voices, texts and videos about love, to be loved and our challenges on this way to each other against any hate to queers to walk through a hopeful future.


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